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Manufacture Hard Candies with Dhiman’s Candy Cooker

Candy Cooker

Confectionery manufacturing is not an easy process, especially when it comes to hard candies. A lot of detailed research, the right procedure, and efficient technology goes into it. Ingredients play a significant role in the sugar-boiled candy manufacturing process, mainly known as hard candies. To produce attractive, high-quality, and colorful candies, it’s evident for confectionery manufacturers to include efficient machinery for each process. With Dhiman Industries Candy cooker, they can easily begin the process for the production of hard candy. These Candy cookers are designed to fit a wide variety of manufacturing processes to produce batch-wise or even continuous production of hard candies, toffees, lollipops, gummies, and much more. Innovation has been kept in the center to manufacture this highly efficient equipment to fulfill the demands of confectionery manufacturers.

Best Features of Candy Cookers

The candy cookers are manufactured with a proven experience making it easy to operate for the confectionery manufacturers. The stainless steel construction of all the components leaves no chance of leakage and gives unlimited service to maintain it properly. The autonomous functions like pneumatic cylinders and timer weight variation are minimum which helps in better cooking of the candy batch. The air-fitted solenoid valve releases the syrup and automatic vacuum on time for the batch of candy mass. The safety of the workers is of utmost importance, that’s the reason why DhimanGroup has kept safety mechanisms in place while innovating this exclusive equipment.

The considerations of clients are our top priority. Therefore, we aim to procure the best technology to manufacture the candy cookers. Its energy-efficient as only a smaller dia of only 250 mm is required for the cooking section against 600 mm. Confectionery manufacturers can easily maintain this equipment by cleaning it with a straight rod or with a water pump if the tubes get clogged due to irregular cleaning In an aim to be more energy-efficient and environmentally conscious, these candy cookers use way less amount of water for the cleaning process as compared to the other models in the market.  Manufacturers can also know the exact cooking temperature with the presence of an automatic temperature indicator. Practically all of Dhiman Industries’ Candy Cookers are available as stand-alone units without the need for an additional platform to save on production floor space.

Experience Its Best Utilities!

This equipment is a proven example of Dhiman Industries’ expert solutions. It is suitable for cooking candies, toffees, and gum-based products. It is also used for making jelly or liquid for central filling. Since all the contact parts of this cooker are made of stainless steel, less steam consumption is required to clean shell tubes. Now, Confectionery manufacturers can efficiently produce hard-boiled candies. Be assured of its finest quality that delivers extreme smoothness and exceptional clarity. Get ready to take over the confectionery industry by producing a range of hard-boiled candies with this precise and sophisticated candy cooker. With this top-notch model of Dhiman Industries, you can produce:

  1. Sugar and Sugar-Free Hard Candies
  2. Hard Candy with Cream
  3. Jellies with Temperature Sensitive Ingredients
  4. Bakery Fillings with Dairy Components
  5. Caramels and White Caramels
  6. Fruit Preparations
  7. Nutraceuticals with Active Ingredients
  8. Confectionery Edibles

This is one of the favorite checklists of consumers. Imagine the hike in the market when you will be producing these highly demanded confectionery items. It enables each of the manufacturing processes to prepare small-scale batches of confectionery items under vacuum, ensuring accurate results.

Make Your Best Choice With Dhiman Industries

This updated candy cooker does not require much manual labor as compared to other alternates in the market. At the same time, it is easy to install and maintain. All credit goes to the innovation of Dhiman Industries that intends to address the real needs and provide comprehensive expertise for all your issues. Why go for the outdated version when you can make your confectionery process better with the affordable and best technology?! Manufacture premium candies hassle-free. Contact us to get more details.