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Looking for new Chocolate Coating Machinery Exporters? Not sure How To Pick The Right One?

Chocolate Coating Machinery

For sure there might be ample options for you to find Chocolate Coating Machinery Exporters in India but how many of them will offer you proficient expertise based on over decades of experience? Just one, and that’s Dhiman Industries (Regd.) Since our inception in 1944, we have strived to provide the confectionery industry with reliable confectionery machines not only in India, but in more than 48 countries world-wide.

Dhiman Industries is a house-hold name for leading confectionery companies in India. We offer a diverse portfolio of confectionery machines ranging from, Confectionery Kitchen Equipment, Confectionery Forming Equipment, Wrapping and Packaging Equipment and specialized Confectionery Systems.

If you are looking for Chocolate Coating Machinery Exporters, we provide you with machines that have been perfected over decades to yield the highest quality of chocolate products with the least amount of effort.

But what about the technology in the Chocolate Coating Machinery?

A Coating Machine is a piece of equipment which automates the traditionally manual process of coating, roasting or panning of various products such as almonds, cashews, raisins, hazelnuts, dried fruits like strawberries, berries, and a lot more.

Dhiman Industries’ Chocolate coating machine uses cutting edge technology to coat, roast or pan your products in the most productive and efficient manner. The only work left to the operator is to unload the material that has to be coated, roasted or panned, into the coating machine, and add assisting ingredients to the machine, the outcome is perfectly coated, roasted or panned products as per your requirement.

The coating systems and cycles decide the effectiveness of the Chocolate Coating Machinery in consistently providing high quality evenly coated products.

As leading Chocolate Coating Machinery Exporters, Dhiman Industries’ uses technologies such as spray nozzle systems and load cell apparatus to monitor accumulating product weight providing users with an unprecedented

Dhiman Industries takes satisfaction in assisting you in your confectionery-making endeavors. It is our ongoing goal to understand your requirements and assist you in supplying the machine and solutions that are most suited to you! Because making a purchase is only the first step in establishing a long-term relationship.

Owing to this you can easily explore our website and inquire about our world-famous machines but we recommend dropping us an email or a message to get in touch with our sales-representative for a one-to-one personal experience. This will help us guide you with the best possible solution for YOUR confectionery products.