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chew toffee machine

Chew toffees have been fairly popular in the confectionery industry with its simple yet rich taste. There are various kinds of chewy toffees in the market and the leading chew toffees are made on the exclusive Chew Toffee Machine by Dhiman Industries (Regd.) Originated from the excessive stretching or pulling of the toffee mass, the chew toffee is a distant cousin of classic toffees.

As industry pioneers, Dhiman Industries has always been innovating and inventing methods to best suit production facilities to run on their optimal prime level. Since the very beginning of times of the confectionery revolution in India, DhimanGroup has been on the forefront to supply solutions ranging from, Confectionery Kitchen Equipment, Confectionery Forming Equipment, Wrapping, and Packaging Equipment, and specialized Confectionery Systems.

With Dhiman Industries’ all your candy-making endeavours are made simpler because we especially guide new candy manufacturers with the complete know-how required to be successful in this industry. Ranging from raw material suggestions, recipe formulations, factory layout design, packaging material suggestions, and so many more aspects that are backed by the experience of over 75 years.

The main component in the chew toffee machine or the chew toffee making process is the Horizontal Pulling Machine by Dhiman Industries, this machine aerates the mass of toffee with the help of various rotating hands that are coated with food-grade material. This whole process takes no more than 2-3 minutes and with the proper pulling off the toffee mass, your Chew Toffee Mass is ready.

The next equipment in our Chew Toffee Machines is the Batch Former and Rope Sizing Machine. The purpose of a Batch Forming Machine is not just to form the batch of confectionery, but Dhiman Industries’ recommended model BRS-90 Batch Forming and Rope Sizer Machine helps to form the confectionery mass while also sizing the same for the next part of the confectionery making process.

Your confectionery mass requires this equipment because without it the next machine- which ideally has to be a forming machine cannot function appropriately if the batch has not been formed and sized properly.

After the above-mentioned tasks have taken place, the next step of business is to figure out how you want your chew toffee to be packed or wrapped. For wrapping or packaging, there are two prime types of Chew Toffee Machines, namely Cut and Wrap Machine RD-11 and The CW-600 Double twist wrapping machine

Choosing the wrapping or packaging style of your Chew Toffee can be very daunting but worry not, Dhiman Industries’ is here to guide you with the proper statistics based on your market. DhimanGroups Chew Toffee Machines are built keeping in mind the preference of confectionery manufacturers to have machines with a smaller footprint but equally or exceedingly good performance-wise. All these issues are taken care of when you choose Dhiman Industries’ Chew Toffee Machines

Dhiman Industries (Regd.) offers you proficient expertise based on over decades of experience leading and pioneering in the confectionery machines manufacturing industry.

Since our inception in 1944, we have strived to provide the confectionery industry with reliable confectionery machines not only in India but in more than 48 countries worldwide.

Dhiman Industries is a household name for leading confectionery companies in India. We offer a diverse portfolio of confectionery machines ranging from, Confectionery Kitchen Equipment, Confectionery Forming Equipment, Wrapping and Packaging Equipment, and specialized Confectionery Systems.