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Choose The Best Lollipop Wrapping Machine According To Your Preference

lollipop wrapping machine

Lollipops are an example of classic confectionery products that have maintained a high-ranking streak in the confectionery industry not only in India but internationally as well. The lollipop market in India is well served by confectionery manufacturers that use Dhiman Industries’ Lollipop Wrapping Machines for fulfilling the ever-rising demand for lollipops.

Dhiman Industries (Regd.) offers you proficient expertise based on over decades of experience leading and pioneering in the confectionery machines manufacturing industry. 

Since our inception in 1944, we have strived to provide the confectionery industry with reliable confectionery machines not only in India but in more than 48 countries worldwide. 

Dhiman Industries is a household name for leading confectionery companies in India. We offer a diverse portfolio of confectionery machines ranging from, Confectionery Kitchen Equipment, Confectionery Forming Equipment, Wrapping and Packaging Equipment, and specialized Confectionery Systems.

Our Lollipop Wrapping Machines have been perfected over decades to yield the highest quality of chocolate products with the least amount of effort. 

Lollipops have a huge demand in India and abroad, there have been many entrants in the Lollipop industry but classic lollipops are still a safe bet if you are entering new markets.

There are four main types of Lollipop Wrapping or Lollipop Packing Styles- 

  • The first is Ball Lollipop or Bunch Wrap Lollipop Wrapping Machine, as the name suggests, Dhiman Group’s SBW-7 Single twist Bunch Wrap Machine wraps every single lollipop with a heat-sealer twist at the end towards the lollipop stick end. This is the most classic type of lollipop wrapping style and with Dhiman Industries’ SBW-7 one can wrap up to 400 lollipops per minute! This Lollipop Wrapping Machine also showcases exclusive features such as a print registration system that precisely places the customer’s logos as desired on the lollipop- usually it is found to be placed on the top of the lollipop wrapper.


  • The second Lollipop Wrapping Machine is, the Double Twist Lollipop Wrapping Machine EF-8 again, as the name suggests, this Lollipop Wrapping Machine efficiently wraps lollipops from both ends resembling a classic double-twist style wrapped candy or toffee. With the use of this DhimanGroup’s Double Twist Lollipop Wrapping Machine, the lollipop is securely twist wrapped from both ends with the help of a heat sealing device, even with such a tedious task of wrapping the lollipop from both ends, this lollipop wrapping machine wraps up to 250 lollipops per minute!


  • The third lollipop wrapping machine is the Automatic Flow Pack Machine DP-10 this machine efficiently packs lollipops or related material in a continuous flow that ends up in highly productive performance. The benefit of choosing this Lollipop Wrapping Machine is that the lollipops are securely packed in an almost air-tight packaging, which in turn helps in extending the shelf-life of the lollipops as compared to if they are packed in a different style of lollipop wrapping machine.


  • The fourth Lollipop Wrapping Machine is the sandwich pack machine that is part of our DPW-SD and HLM Flat Lollipop machine lines. These machines have one major varying difference which is the speed, that’s it. Both these machines are built on the mechanism of forming and wrapping or packing the lollipop in the same standalone piece of equipment. The added advantage of forming and packing your lollipops in one stand-alone machine is so revolutionary! Once packed, the lollipops are then cooled as per the usual process.


Dhiman Industries has been active in the confectionery industry for more than 75 years now; we have our roots deep in the vast confectionery machinery industry. The most classic type of candies are the hard-boiled candies, and of course, we have a complete range of Lollipop Wrapping Machines. The process of wrapping or packing lollipops is fairly simple when you have expert lollipop wrapping machines from Dhiman Industries (Regd.)