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Automatic Cut Flow Wrap Machine


  • Wrapping Speed : Upto 600 Pcs/Min.
  • Power Load : 5.0 kw
  • Net Weight : 3850 lbs (1750 kg)
  • Gross Weight : 4200 lbs (1900 kg)
  • Dimensions : 64” x 48” x 78” (1600 x 1200 x 1950mm)
  • Size Range Length : 0.75” – 1.60”(19 – 40mm)
  • Size Range Width : 0.45” – 0.90”(11 – 22mm)
  • Thickness : 0.22” – 0.60”(5.5 – 15mm)

Product Description

Automatic Cut & Wrap machine suitable for Toffee, Bubble gum and Fudge. Available in different types of wrapping. Oil bath lubrication, Continuous Motion Cam mechanism ensures low vibration and smooth operation. Rd-11 sizes, forms, length cuts, and wraps up to 1000 pieces per minute of individual pieces of chewing gum, bubble-gum, soft caramels, toffees, and chewy candies. The RD-11 features the very latest technologies for motion control. Separate servo motors drive all motions in the unit, allowing for easy adjustment of all parameters through the touch screen, DhimanGroup has been delivering innovative and tested solutions for the confectionery industry. Our experience of over 75 years set us apart, and enables you to perfect your product. We will help you pick the right equipment, create recipes and train you to make the best use of your new candy machinery, whether you are a big corporation or new to the industry.

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About Our Automatic Cut Wrap Machine

DhimanGroup’s RD-11, Automatic Cut Wrap Machine is suitable to cut and wrap various kinds of confectionery products. This machine forms, sizes, cuts into length and wraps up to 1000 individual pieces of Bubble Gum, Toffees, Chewy Candies and more per minute!  RD-11 is equipped with features such as oil bath lubrication and this machine’s continuous motion cam mechanism ensures low vibration and smooth operation.

Our cut and flow wrap machine is suitable for toffee, bubble gum, and fudge. It features the latest and the most updated technologies for motion control. The separate servo motors drive all motions in the unit allowing for easy adjustment of all parameters through the touch screen. 

With efficient automatic temperature control, this product has gained a high demand in the market. Easy installation and maintenance and high durability are some of the highlighting features of this machine. 

The Need For Efficient Candy Manufacturing Equipment

The growing availability of different types of candies (both chocolate and non chocolate) has led to high demand for candies in the market. Over the last year, coronavirus has deeply impacted every industry and the candy and confectionery industry is no exception. The preference for sweets has increased with more consumers working from home and thus candy products have made it to multiple houses across the globe due to Covid -19. 

The demand of customers across the world is constantly changing due to the change in food tastes. Therefore, fulfilling the world’s demand for manufacturing candies is quite a task. In a world with high demand for confectionery, where every day some new candy with different designs is making the rounds, candy manufacturers need to level up their game. 

In the past few decades, India has seen various developments in the confectionery manufacturing business as with lifestyle change and progression, people in India have started developing a taste for exotic candies, toffees and other confectionery goods. To keep it up with market demand, businesses must have efficient candy manufacturing equipment. The top-notch manufacturing equipment can only be delivered by the leading and reliable confectionery machine manufacturers. Only a reliable, versatile, and well built machine can produce top-quality candies that will ultimately help you survive in the industry in the long run. 

Dhiman Industries, India’s leading manufacturer of confectionery machines is here to offer you automatic cut wrap machines. We offer a wide range of fully automated technical operations that will enable you to manufacture consumer’s unique demands efficiently. Our professional and talented design team operates round the clock to produce the required candy manufacturing equipment. Moreover, it is a well-established fact that good candy manufacturing equipment can influence the production capacity. If a properly designed machine is not put to use, it would further complicate the production process. This is why we at DhimanGroup focus deeply on the quality and versatility of our machine. 

DhimanGroup’s machine ranges from flexible, high-quality equipment and provides high output tested solutions. We have been delivering innovative solutions for the confectionery industry for over 75 years now. The design of the latest technology is carried out by our professional design team. Our high-efficiency machinery is what sets us apart, and enables you to design your perfect product. When you choose a Latini technology machine, you enable yourself to receive a wide range of precision technical operations. 

Reach out to us to buy our automatic cut  wrap machine. If you are confused about picking the right equipment for your business, we will help you guide and even provide a machine demonstration, create recipes and train you to make the best use of your new candy machinery regardless of the size of your corporation. By choosing us to buy confectionery manufacturing machines, you’ll be associating with the world’s top confectionery machinery supplier. Our solutions are efficient and versatile and easy to operate and are customizable to suit consumer demands. We aim to produce new products for our clients by meeting all requirements – functionality, price, space, efficiency, maintenance, latest technology and more!