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DhimanGroup’s Forming Machine BLP-500 is engineered specifically for Lollipops which has the ability of centre-filling the lollipops with chewy mass, gum or powder filling. It will form adjustable sized round or cylindrical lollipops with and without center fillings such as gum and toffee, as it inserts the stick.

Product Description

Delivering high-capacity forming performance, along with durability and reliability. BALL LOLLIPOP FORMING MACHINE BLP - 500 is the most rugged machine of its kind built for continuous Operation-24 hours a day,7 days a week. In order to keep the die cold while working constantly, the Ball Lollipop Forming Machine is equipped with a die blower system. This machine offers value in space efficiency, ease of operation, and trouble- free design. By offering the best ball lollipop forming machines in India, we offset the demand of the confectionery manufacturers to produce adjustable-sized round or cylindrical lollipops hassle-free. Our customer service is always dedicated to provide the best after-sales service around the globe in case of any requirement. Therefore, we ensure a smooth operation at every step of the confectionery manufacturing process.

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Best Ball Lollipop Forming Machines in India

Dhiman Industries has always emphasized adopting the best technology to furnish high-quality machinery to the confectionery manufacturers. The Ball lollipop forming machine is produced keeping the same perspective in mind. We are proud to have proven design experience of 75 years with our engineering department and aim to provide the highest quality machines at the best available prices.

Top Features of Ball Lollipop Forming Machine

By adopting the Latest Latini technology, we enable the confectionery manufacturers to receive a range of precise technical operations. The design of this lollipop machine is carried out by our design team, who tests the equipment in our confectionery unit Dhiman Foods Pvt. Ltd. that operates all-time to produce world-class confectionery. When you choose us, you associate yourself with a long-standing name in history that carries proven applications globally. 

Being India’s Pioneer Manufacturer of Confectionery Machines, we deliver high-capacity lollipop forming performance with this machinery that is both durable and reliable. It’s our urge to constantly innovate the processes that have made us set up three plants in India and the USA. We are highly specialized in manufacturing complete manufacturing units for toffee, Eclair, candy, bubble gum, lollipops, and chocolate, including related packaging machines. 

The ball lollipop forming machine – 500 is one of the most advanced and tested machines of Dhiman Industries. The efficient design offers space, efficiency and ease of operation for the mass manufacturing of lollipops. We aim to produce equipment that meets all requirements related to functionality, efficiency, price, space, maintenance, and much more. Here are the top features of the lollipop machine: 

  • Built for constant operation

Be assured of the continuous and smooth flow while manufacturing the world-class lollipops. Its 24 hour and 7 days a week operation ensures there is no stoppage in the process. Get ready to produce the lollipops in the perfect size and shape with quality packaging materials and operating conditions. Impress your customers by delivering them eye-catching confectionery. 

  • Reliable and Durable Machinery 

To make any machinery successful in the market, it’s important to assure the confectionery manufacturers regarding its reliability and durability. Since it’s a one-time investment thing, everyone wants to look for only the best features present out there. The fast cleaning cycles, automation, and zero-waste solutions in the machinery are the concerns of Dhiman Industries. It keeps us searching for innovative ideas that can very well meet the demand of the market. 

  • Form adjustably sized lollipops 

The overall look of the confectionery does attract customers. Confectionery producers have to manufacture aesthetically pleasing candies. The ball lollipop forming machine helps to make round or cylindrical lollipops, with or without paste, gum, or toffee fillings.. It’s one of the versatile, efficient, and easy run methods for the producers to offset consumer demands. To keep the die cold while working constantly, the machinery is also equipped with a die blower system.

Trust the powerful technology of Dhiman Industries that has garnered the specialty in the confectionery industry over years of experience. We update the audience prior in advance that the output of machines will depend upon the Accessories. Our integrated solutions in the form of top-notch will elevate your productivity to the next level. The proven experience does add to the benefits that we guarantee to our customers in providing world-class machinery. Make your investment worth it by choosing Dhiman Industries as your confectionery manufacturing equipment supplier. Do contact us to know the further details of our equipment. Our expert team will be happy to serve you in the best possible manner.