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  • Capacity : 200 lbs (90 kg) per batch
  • Power Load : 6 kw
  • Net Weight : 1760 lbs (800 kg)
  • Gross Weight : 2300 lbs (1050 kg)

Product Description

Latini batch former and sizer are available in various types of combinations. Company fitted batch former, cluster, sizing machine and rope carpet ensure proper alignment. Single platform and electrical control panel adds a lot of cleanliness and convenience.DhimanGroup electro-mechanical batch roller offers reliability and precise control over the forming of your candy rope. The latest technology gear drive systems provide a smooth and quiet operation, while the heavy-duty.construction Make this a very sturdy, durable machine. Built on a sanitary tubular steel lower frame, the electrically heated tub and cover are constructed of reinforced stainless steel. The stainless steel cones also have heavy-duty internal reinforcement as well as special permanently lubricated bearings. Includes a watertight electrical control panel and adjustable legs that allow for easy alignment to any forming machine.Left or right hand assembly is available.

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Batch Forming Machines


The need for reliable Batch Forming Machines in a confectionery manufacturing unit is of foremost importance to manufacture high-quality confectionery products. Often times, if your candy, toffee, lollipop batch has not been formed and handled in an appropriate manner, it is very difficult and next to impossible to maintain production efficiency. The reason is simple, Batch Forming Machines are elemental to confectionery manufacturing, simply because candy, toffee, lollipop masses have to be handled in a controlled environment with a controlled temperature, specific tilt, and even more important is the speed at which the Batch Forming Machine feeds the mass onto the next equipment for processing. 

The purpose of a Batch Forming Machine is not just to form the batch of confectionery, but Dhiman Industries’ recommended model BRS-90 Batch Forming and Rope Sizer Machine helps to form the confectionery mass while also sizing the same for the next part of the confectionery making process. 

Your confectionery mass requires this equipment because without it the next machine- which ideally has to be a forming machine cannot function appropriately if the batch has not been formed and sized properly. 

This machine takes a small footprint and includes Batch former and rope sizer that are mounted on one frame. Dhiman Industries’ Batch Forming Machines helps in making Hard boiled candies, semi-solid filled candies, caramels, caramel balls and gum chunks.

DhimanGroup’s Batch Forming Machines are available in various types of combinations to best fit your product’s needs. Our unique Cluster system is designed to assist the candy mass towards the rope sizers for proper sizing of the mass. The cluster will reduce any necessary operator assistance by maintaining a constant forward movement of the candy rope, allowing your personnel to operate numerous machines. Another such innovative feature is the Rope-Carpet that automatically reduces the feeding speed if it exceeds the preset value in case of excess rope feeding- this prevents a seamless manufacturing process that results in the least amount of candy scrap being formed. 

Dhiman Industries is a house-hold name for leading confectionery companies in India. We offer a diverse portfolio of confectionery machines ranging from, Confectionery Kitchen Equipment, Confectionery Forming Equipment, Wrapping and Packaging Equipment and specialized Confectionery Systems.

If you are looking for Batch Forming Machines, we provide you with machines that have been perfected over decades to yield the highest quality of confectionery products with the least amount of effort.

With hundreds and thousands of installations worldwide, Dhiman Industries (Regd.) provides you with reliable confectionery manufacturing equipment that has been built keeping in mind the numerous issues that are faced by confectionery manufacturers in production on every day basis. With DhimanGroup’s Confectionery Equipment such as the Batch Forming Machines, we aim to serve you with equipment that has been perfected with decades worth of research and the latest innovative techniques. 

Dhiman Industries takes satisfaction in assisting you in your confectionery-making endeavours. It is our ongoing goal to understand your requirements and assist you in supplying the machine and solutions that are most suited to you! Because making a purchase is only the first step in establishing a long-term relationship. 

Owing to this you can easily explore our website and inquire about our world-famous machines but we recommend dropping us an email or a message to get in touch with our sales-representative for a one-to-one personal experience. This will help us guide you with the best possible solution for YOUR confectionery products.