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  • Energy efficient (due to smaller dia of only 250 mm cooking section against 600 mm)
  • All stainless steel construction.
  • Clogged tubes can be easily cleaned with a straight rod.
  • NO platform required.
  • Pneumatic cylinder
  • Fitted with automatic temperature indicator, showing exact cooking temperature.
  • Fitted with a water pump,so after cooking, cleaning can be properly done.
  • Panel board fitted with automatic timer to release the syrup and vacuum for batch.
  • Due to autonomous functions like pneumatic cylinders and timer weight variation is minimum which helps for better cooking.
  • Air fitted solenoid valve to release automatic vacuum.
  • Less water consumption for cleaning as a cooker fitted with shell tubes.
  • Less steam consumption as the cooker is fitted with shell tubes.

Product Description

The automatic continuous cooker produces hard-boiled mass of finest quality with extreme smoothness and exceptional clarity. Thanks to the new replacement of round cooking coil, the new straight tubes have much less chance of clogging and can be easily cleaned with a straight rod. This vacuum batch cooker has been made with stainless steel material, and it features a water pump that cleans all of the leftover candy scraps from the pipes in the appliance. In addition to that, it comes equipped with a timer that the user can use to assist them in releasing the batch once it is ready. It comes with a ton of features, which is what elevates it to the position of best among the others. Because the vacuum cooker contains shell tubes, the amount of electricity and water that is used during cooking is able to be reduced, which in turn results in a reduction of any other kinds of additional costs associated with the cooker's upkeep. This vacuum batch cooker is not only a cost-effective choice, but it also contributes to the overall reduction in expenses incurred during production.

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Get Best Solution With Innovative Continuous Vacuum Batch Cooker

With the constant development of the industrial heating system, industrial cookers are storming the market with their wide range of applications. One such useful industrial appliance is the Continuous Vacuum Batch Cooker which is widely used in confectionery industries.

What is a Continuous Vacuum Batch Cooker?

A Continuous vacuum cooker batch plant is an appliance that is used in candy making industries to prepare hard-boiled candy or hard milk caramels. Candies which are made by using a Continuous Vacuum Batch Cooker are superior in quality and exceptionally smooth and clear.

Utilities of Continuous Vacuum Batch Cooker

DhimanGroup (Dhiman Industries (Regd.)) is the pioneer in manufacturing a variety of confectionery machinery for both hard-boiled candies and soft candies. We are the biggest Continuous Vacuum Batch Cooker Manufacturer in India. Equipped with innovative design & powered by Latini technology (USA) our CVC 800 vacuum batch cooker is a piece of excellence. The following are the utilities and benefits of using our Continuous Vacuum Batch Cooker

  • The design has been created in accordance with GMP guidelines.
  • The latest vertical design has made the cooker much more proficient
  • It is very easy to clean & maintain thus reducing the maintenance cost
  • Equipped with heat exchanger to assist mass cooking
  • It offers high output & ensures fast cooking
  • Maintain optimum moisture level while manufacturing candies & lollipops
  • There is no sugar loss thus wastage is reduced to a great extent

Mechanism of Continuous Vacuum Batch Cooker

Our CVC 800 vacuum batch cooker consists of a stainless steel shell & tube heat exchanger which makes it unique and rare in its own way. Unlike the traditional cooker system which used to have a circular coil, the DhimanGroup uses a straight tube which is not only easy to clean and also utilizes less steam because they have a wider contact area.

While preparing hard candy or lollipops with Continuous Vacuum Batch Cooker the below-mentioned mechanism can be followed

The syrup is pre-blended and made to pass through the innovative and finest shell made of stainless steel and then through the tube heat exchanger. The tube-shaped exchanger boils & cooks the syrup at the required temperature. Later the cooked syrup is transferred to the flash chamber to remove excess vapor. Then the next step that is moisture reduction begins automatically as the vapor removed syrup is automatically transferred to the receiving kettles. Now when vaporization is complete the cooked mass is unloaded from the kettle and is sent for further processing.

Why Should You Choose Us?

DhimanGroup is an expert manufacturer of confectionery equipment. We have dominated the market for over 75 years and have established a name for ourselves both in India and the USA. Being the top manufacturer of Continuous Vacuum Batch Cookers, we guarantee high productivity without sacrificing quality and provide our customers with comprehensive custom solutions. Here are some justifications for selecting our services:

Energy Efficiency: Our wide range of Continuous Vacuum Batch Cookers is designed to save energy by minimizing the cooking time to a great extent.

Innovative design: The food & confectionery industry revolves around ideas & concepts and the growing need for a concept product forces the manufacturing industry to deliver innovative commodities in mass by maintaining all quality standards. As the best Continuous Vacuum Batch Cooker Manufacturer, we offer advanced engineering solutions coupled with the latest design.

Superior Quality: Quality is another important factor of the food manufacturing industry that should never be compromised at any state else it will cost the reputation. Thus quality assurance and quality control should be strictly regulated and monitored while manufacturing either hard or soft candies. At DhimanGroup, we imply our lean management system through which we can effectively monitor the quality of our finished product so that our vacuum batch cooker helps to produce hard candy in a safe and controlled environment.

As an industry expert in Continuous Vacuum Batch Cooker Manufacturer DhimanGroup of industries aims to provide exclusive and flawless machinery to our clients. Our CVC-800 can produce 800 kg of candies per hour making it one of the fastest machinery in the confectionery industry. With us, you can get the cost-effective & most quality assured solution that will increase your demand and brand image.