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Lab Forming Machine Lab Forming Machine
Lab Forming Machine
Lab Forming Machine

Latini Lab forming machine is built considering flexible needs of a small candy manufacturer and a R&D or Lab section. -5 can manufacture very small batches of different type of candies by changing small candy forming DLF head in minutes.


  • Output : upto 150 lbs (70 kg) per hour
  • Net Weight : 3080 lbs (1400 kg)
  • Gross Weight : 3410 lbs (1550 Kg)
  • Dimensions : 151” x 35” x 65” (3835mm x 889mm x 1651mm)

Product Description

This machine takes a very small footprint and includes all the essentials such as Batch former, rope sizer forming machine and a two-way cooling conveyor mounted on one frame. This forming machine can be used to make Hard boiled candies, semi-solid filled candies, caramels, caramel balls and gum chunks. The opportunity to experiment on lab-scale instruments is valuable when designing new confectionery products. Dhiman Industries' Lab Equipment provides the results that can be reliably scaled to the level of production in order to guarantee that results can transform into full-scale production.Miniature version of our full-fledged confectionery equipment to enable you to produce high-quality confectionery in small quantities. DhimanGroup Lab Equipment is especially developed for people who need limited manufacturing runs, either for the development of a recipe or for the production of lower volumes. Our Lab equipment is the perfect equipment for R&D or craftsperson.

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