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Three Tier Horizontal Cooling Conveyor Machine

Compact, high capacity cooling conveyor and tunnel. Well suited for all types of hard candies and food products requiring sufficient cooling prior to packaging. The large capacity cooling system and efficient insulated enclosure of the 3MTR Refrigerated Cooling Tunnel Makes it effective in hot and humid conditions where the ambient temperature is above 25 C/77 F. Humidity can be controlled to 45 RH. Variable speed drive allows retention times from 6 to 25 minutes.

Product Description

Conveyors made of inappropriate or incompatible materials can be dangerous to your manufacturing line and make your processes vulnerable to breakdowns along with resulting downtime that can lead to loss of goods and missed profits-which is why the conveyors of DhimanGroup are made of high-quality food-grade material.

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Cooling Conveyor Machine

Hard candies or other confectionery products  need to be properly cooled or these hot  food products can affect the wrapping and packaging of the product leading to lower shelf life and deshaped confectioneries. . One of the most effective cooling methods is to use a cooling conveyor. The cooling conveyor machine from DhimanGroup blows uniform air to the product’s surface for temperature reduction. As a result, the instant cooling benefits from a product that is ready to be packed and shipped.. This in turn makes the entire food production line to be energy efficient. These machines can properly combine efficiency with effectiveness in the cooling and packaging of freshly formed candies and other related confectionery products.

Advantages of our cooling conveyor machine

  • The food-grade polymer belt is the most hygienic and efficient choice for cooling food products, especially those that are freshly formed or cooked.
  • The equipment can be easily cleaned as the belts can be effortlessly removed with minimal disruption. It allows the product to solidify before moving for the packaging hence making it ready to be packed and wrapped in an adequate manner.

Features to look for in a cooling conveyor machine


Cooling conveyors from DhimanGroup can be customized to meet your packaging system’s needs for heated products. You need to figure out the time taken for cooling down the products to help ensure successful packaging. As mentioned above, once some products are heated, it might take a while for them to cool down before they’re ready for final packaging. As a result, the entire production line can be slowed down. However, controlled cooling conveyors can facilitate handling these products by adjusting the speed to maximize cooling.


Cooling conveyors should be made with reliable materials like food-grade polymer. Conveyors made of incompatible materials can be detrimental to your production line and can subsequently result in product loss and profit loss.


Cooling conveyors from DhimanGroup are user friendly. This means one can quickly learn to operate the machine and avoid any sort of complications. This can also help with identifying system issues and raising them in time.

Size of conveyor machine