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This is Why Our Lollipop Making Machine is The Best Choice For Increasing Efficiency

Lollipop Making Machine

Lollipops are an example of classic confectionery products that have maintained a high-ranking streak in the confectionery industry not only in India but internationally as well. The lollipop market in India is well served by confectionery manufacturers that use Dhiman Industries’ Lollipop Making Machines for fulfilling the ever-rising demand for lollipops. The simplicity of lollipops is maintained by the classic shapes such as a ball lollipop or a flat lollipop, usually, the varying difference is only the packaging and most importantly the flavorings used to make your lollipops stand out from the rest in the market. 

For over 75 year’s Dhiman Industries (Regd.) has provided the lollipop industry in India and worldwide with reliable solutions that do not complicate the process of lollipop making and yet delivers phenomenal results in a compact setup. Manufacturing Lollipops is quite easy, especially if you are backed by industry pioneers such as DhimanGroup if you are already manufacturing hard-boiled candies, the same cooking and processing equipment such as the Continuous Vacuum Batch Cooker CVC-800, Rotary Kneading Machine DK-45, Batch Forming, and Rope Sizer machine BRS-90 can be used for the initial processing of the lollipop mass. After that is when the machinery starts changing. Now, it is up to you to decide the type of lollipop you would like to manufacture. If you are interested in producing Ball Shaped lollipops then you have to choose the Ball Lollipop Forming Machine / Lollipop Making Machine BLP-600 or BLP-1000 the main change in these both models is the speed at which they form the lollipops. BLP-600 is perfect for manufacturing units that wish to produce around ____ per shift whereas the BLP-1000 is suited for larger volume productions. 


Another choice is to go with a flat lollipop or a disc-shaped lollipop that is formed in our DPW-SD Lollipop Making Machine. The possibilities are endless with a flat lollipop machine because it enables various kinds of shapes to be etched on your lollipops. Dhiman Industries’ offers you the unique and innovative technology of print registration that carefully yet without wasting time applies your logos or images on your wrapper at the right spot on the lollipops. 

DhimanGroup’s Flat Lollipop Making Machine DPW-SD is pandora’s box with unique features the forming machine is equipped with a Servo drive for rope feed, and the length of cut may be modified from the control panel while the machine is running, allowing the weight of the lollipops to be changed without altering the forming dies. Each pair of forming dies has a weight-adjustment factor of around 15% between the top and lower limits.


It should come as no surprise, but with our experience of over 75 years, we have constantly provided the industry with highly efficient and productive solutions for various confectionery products such as Hard-Boiled Candies, Toffees, Eclairs, Chewy Candies, Ball Lollipops, Flat lollipops, Chocolates, Bubble Gums, Fondant, and so much more!

In fact, our strong association with big and small confectionery-manufacturing companies around the world allows us to gather unique insights of what the market actually wants, and hence, apart from curating a wide range of different machines, we also offer consulting services for budding confectionery companies. 

Owing to this you can easily explore our website and inquire about our world-famous machines but we recommend dropping us an email or a message to get in touch with our sales representative for a one-to-one personal experience. This will help us guide you with the best possible solution for YOUR confectionery products.


Features of Our Lollipop Making Machine

A lollipop making machine has a huge variety of features that ranges from safety to functionality of the machine. As most of the specifications vary from one machine to the other, it is important to understand the vital properties to enhance efficiency when buying the equipment.

Here are some of the common features of lollipop making machines.

  • Stainless steel body construction
  • Versatile, thus ideal for manufacturing different sizes of lollipops ranging in various shapes and colors.
  • Electric heating source and adopt power rating
  • Temperature control
  • Compact design for high precision and enhanced production.

Purpose of Lollipop Making Machine

DhimanGroup’s Lollipop machinery guarantees a huge production capacity of this particular type of confectionery in the shortest time duration. The equipment plays a major role in the overall production of lollipops which are as follows:

  • The machine helps in manufacturing seamless lollipops
  • Wrapping and packing the pops in various types of packages depending on your preference
  • Labeling the lollipops with brand names and other necessary information, as required, our print registration system helps in placing the logos and artwork of your company precisely on the right spot on the lollipop.
  • Eliminate the specific pieces of lollipop which do not fit into the set production standards

Basically, this type of machine is multipurpose and hence helps in improving the general production of lollipop. Depending on the demand, you can always use lollipop making machine for large and small scale lollipop production.


Lollipop Making Machine by DhimanGroup

With an experience of over 75 years, DhimanGroup constantly aims to provide the industry with highly effective solutions for a range of confectionery products such as lollipops, hard boiled candies, toffees and more. If you are looking for the best lollipop making machine to suit your business’s unique requirements, look no further than the products provided by us. Dhiman Industries offers you the best lollipop machinery that comes with unique features. Explore our website and inquire about our famous machines. You can also write to us or message to get in touch with our representatives for a more personal experience!