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What You Get With Our Eclairs Making Machine

Eclairs Making Machine

Dhiman Industries is a household name for leading confectionery companies in India. We offer a diverse portfolio of confectionery machines ranging from, Confectionery Kitchen Equipment, Confectionery Forming Equipment, Wrapping and Packaging Equipment, and specialized Confectionery Systems.

India has a very diverse confectionery market, it is filled with a range of confectionery products such as Powder-filled candies, giant swirl lollipops, coated products and so many more.


Out of all these products, there is one reigning product that has always been a fan favorite no matter what the condition of the market is, it sells at various price points such as 0.50 paisa, Rs.1, and even Rs.2- that is what makes this product such a competitive item in the confectionery industry. Wondering what this exclusive product is?

Here’s a hint, it is a miniature version of a world-renowned pastry that has a soft outer shell, with a creamy filling inside– originating from France, it is called eclairs.


With the ever-changing shift in taste and the need for innovative products, not long ago Dhiman Industries’ launched their exclusive Eclairs Making Machine Lines.

With a notable experience of over 75 years, Dhiman Industries understands that Confectionery Manufacturers are willing to manufacture and buy innovative machines, but due to space constraints they fret to do so.


Therefore, without changing the key components of their original machines, DhimanGroup innovated to an extent to combine the need for a complete Eclairs Making Machine into an easy, small yet powerful setup.

Dhiman Industries’ Eclairs Making Machine setup can easily be adapted by any existing candy, lollipop, toffee manufacture, plus you get an added advantage if you are already using Dhiman Industries’ Candy making equipment or Toffee Making Equipment like other leading confectionery manufacturers in India.


The two main components for the requirement of manufacturing Eclairs are DhimanGroup’s liquid filling machine LFM-30H and the powerful DUP-800 Uniplast-o-plast Sweet Forming Machine. The Liquid Filling Machine is interconnected with our Batch Roller & Rope Sizer Machine BRS-90 that feeds liquids such as white chocolate, dark chocolate, caramel, and others in the toffee mass before being formed with the uniplast machine. This whole operation takes place at a phenomenal speed, so much so that every minute the DUP-800 Uniplast machine is able to form toffees up to 800 kgs/hour.


The Eclairs Making Machines by Dhiman Industries have been created with the goal of producing safe and high-quality confectionery items while maintaining total production efficiency and quality assurance standards, which are essential in any food processing facility. To comply with the worldwide standard of food safety and food defense, Dhiman Industries as a standard practice only utilizes stainless steel- especially for food contact parts.

Dhiman Industries (Regd.) is an enterprising organization that is dedicated towards offering you the best Confectionery Making Machines. We at Dhiman Industries have always believed in offering our clients the best, most efficient solution for your confectionery-related products in India and across the world. With more than 75 years of experience in Confectionery Machinery Manufacturing, we provide you with the best possible services to make your vision come true.