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More about DhimanGroup

Dhiman Industries (Regd.) est.1944 is “INDIA’S LEADING & PIONEER MANUFACTURER OF CONFECTIONERY MACHINES.” We are the only company in India that has a multinational setup with three plants in India and Chicago, USA. We specialize in manufacturing complete manufacturing units for toffee, Eclair, candy, bubble gum, and lollipops, chocolate including related packaging machines.

By opting for Latini technology, you enable yourself to receive a wide range of precision technical operations. The design of the latest technology is carried out by our design team, whose work is enhanced by testing the equipment in our confectionery unit Dhiman Foods Pvt. Ltd., which operates 24/7 producing world-class confectionery.

This way, you are not at the mercy of an amateur confectionery machinery supplier. By choosing us, you’ll be associating with a long-standing name in history, with proven applications working worldwide. Our solutions are versatile, efficient, and easy to run, customized to consumer demands. In any plant, fast cleaning cycles, automation, and zero-waste solutions are the highest concerns, and that is what keeps us searching for new solutions that lead to innovative ideas. We aim to produce new products by meeting all requirements concerning functionality, efficiency, price, space, maintenance, and much more.


Quality at Dhiman Industries (Regd.)

The quality management system at Dhiman Industries (Regd.) has been established to fulfill the stringent requirements of the confectionery industry. We have also implemented our own lean management style through the entire group on the basis of delivering hassle-free equipment furnishing quality confectionery.


Engineering Strengths

We have more than 75 years of experience in manufacturing confectionery machines. To assist precision machinery, we have a dedicated Design Department employing design engineers who plan the project, as per YOUR needs. Our in-house state-of-the-art CNC Machines, Water-jet, and embossing machines help us deliver quality machinery. Fueling our passion to innovate and lead, we have an exclusive confectionery manufacturing unit for testing prototypes and developing world-class machinery ensuring top-of-the-line end result.


The Concept

We have constructed a quality system that encompasses both the product itself and the flow of information. Our philosophy is 'Keep customers happy' which ensures all quality assurance mechanisms, such as production planning and monitoring, servicing, and administrative process.


Aims & Strategy

Our objectives are to eliminate flaws and maintain high product standards. To implement strategies that boost efficiency while controlling costs, we deliver and enforce safety regulations that can reduce at-work injuries.